Publication Policies for Authors
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Submission to DeNovo is taken by the journal to mean that all the listed authors have agreed to all of the contents. The submitting author is responsible for this agreement and is also responsible for all communication with the journal.

Submitting author responsibilities
The submitting author is solely responsible for all communications with the journal. At submission, the submitting author must identify material within the manuscript that has previously been published elsewhere by other authors (for example, figures) and provide written permission from those authors and/or publishers, if appropriate, for the re-use of such material. After acceptance, the submitting author is responsible for the accuracy of all content in the proof, in particular that names of coauthors are present and correctly spelled, and that addresses and affiliations are current.

Submitting author - responsibilities after publication
The journal regards the submitting author is the contact for correspondence about the published paper. The author's role is to ensure correspondence is answered promptly on behalf of all the co-authors. The name and e-mail address of this author is published in the paper.

DeNovo's editors treat the submitted material and all communication with authors and reviewers as confidential. Authors must also treat communication with the journal and reviewers' reports as confidential. They must not be publicized or posted on the web regardless of whether or not the submission is eventually published. If you have a need to post such material, the request must be submitted in writing and must be approved prior to any posting.

Plagiarism or self-plagiarism
Plagiarism is when large chunks of text have been taken from an existing document and inserted into a manscript. Self- plagiarism is a result of an author publishing a manuscript in more than one publication. Such manuscripts will not be published in DeNovo. Minor plagiarism without dishonest intent sometimes happens, for example, when an author reuses parts of an earlier paper. Each of those incidents will be considered on an individual basis. Duplicate publication is not acceptable.

Competing financial interests
Authors are required to include a statement at the end of their article to declare whether or not they have any competing financial interests. Competing financial interests are financial gains or losses to author(s), employer(s), and/or funding source(s).

 Communication with the media

Submissions to DeNovo cannot be discussed with the media, except for accepted submissions, which can be discussed with the media when the publication date has been assigned and no more than a week before the publication date under our embargo conditions. DeNovo provides a press release summarizing the content of the next issue's publication. Journalists are given the names of corresponding authors, together with phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses. They receive access to the full text of papers about a week before publication on a password-protected website. The content of the press release and papers are embargoed until the time and date stated on the press release.


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